Learning Tests are Free!

My son is studying computer science at U of I in Chicago. He is taking an operating systems class and has to do some projects in C. (Some things change, some things stay the same.) He had an internship over the last 8-9 months and was doing TDD in Java. So he might be in the early stages of a test infection.

He has not done much C so he’s got some learning to do. I thought I better show him CppUTest. He could use it for a play ground to learn some of the subtleties of C, as well as use TDD.
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Tests vs. Short Term Cache Between Your Ears

You have someone else’s code. You have to use it. To use it you have to learn it. If the code had automated unit tests you could read the unit tests to see how the code behaves. But, it probably does not have unit tests. So, you read the documentation. The documentation usually leaves some room for interpretation in the best case. It lies and misleads in the worst case. What do you do? You read the code.
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