In the beginning, there was no code…

…and it was good.

Why is it that code starts out nice and deteriorates over time?

What happened happened to make the code badness grow? Probably something joyous like the first order for a new product or adding people to the team. Or maybe something sad like losing a key employee.

I see a lot of legacy C code. How does a function get to be 1000 lines long? How did that file get to be 40 KLOC or 100 KLOC? A friend showed me a 27 page C function in some telecom code. Amazingly enough, it worked! How does code get that way?

One Copy/Paste at a time!

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Is SAFe safe for your organization? I don’t know.

If your definition of safe, is like “no one has even been fired for choosing IBM”, SAFe may be safe. Though, you really need to consider, will it help your organization improve? I hoped that Scrum would help the world discover iterative and incremental engineering practices and principles. It seems to me, it has failed. Maybe SAFe can be different; I don’t know.

I have not spent any time looking into SAFe. I cannot make an informed opinion. I would make my opinion based on the message of SAFe and how it is being adopted. Generally, I am critical of what most Agile adoptions have become, Agile in name only (AINO). AINO adoptions leave developers feeling like they are being micromanaged and pressured to do poor work.

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