Deep Agile Embedded Panel Questions – Hardware

Last weekend was the Deep Agile Embedded Conference that I participated in. In this article I’ll answer some of the panel questions related to concurrent hardware development. There seems to be a theme here, because the hardware is involved, an embedded development team really can’t be agile. That’s not my point of view, or my experience. I am not a hardware engineer, but I have worked near them. Let’s see some of the questions and answers.
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Deep Agile Embedded Brain Storm

Let’s say you were an embedded systems developer, and you were planning on attending a conference like the Deep Agile Embedded.

What questions would you hope you could get answers for at the conference?

What if you already knew it all but were sending your boss, co-worker, or CEO who needed to learn more, what would you want them to hear about?

Would you want to do some hands on Test Driven Development?

Here are some of the questions we have so far:
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Who says you can’t test drive a device driver?

I keep hearing that you can’t write unit tests for device drivers. I don’t believe that’s true. To disprove this claim, I thought I would find a device driver and write some unit tests for it. This blog posting shows what device driver unit tests look line.

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