Report from the field on TDD in embedded development

Thanks James.

Upper management actually asked me to share my TDD experience as well & so I just published an article internally to our Embedded Software newsletter describing how TDD helped my project. Here’s the summary from that article (I think the dates really say it all):

My doubts that TDD could be used for an embedded application with an emphasis on external peripherals have been eliminated, and I have found the time invested in writing tests and mocks to be well worth it.

I find it compelling that

  1. I required only 4 days of actual hardware testing before achieving my integration goal and that goal came essentially 2 months ahead of schedule.
  2. For the past 5 months, since May, I have not used the in-system Debugger at all and instead rely on TDD to minimize the introduction of bugs in the first place.

Based on my experience, I found TDD to be a positive feedback exercise – passing my first tests & catching bugs immediately, encouraged me to write more tests, which lead to more successful results until I now have a high level of code coverage and a handy set of regression tests. (And since I wasn’t frantically debugging in the lab, I had enough time to write this article!)

Thanks, Name Withheld

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