Amazing Euchre Hand

We were playing Euchre the other day
and I got a very interesting hand. I’m to the left of the dealer, my wife. The up card is the ten of clubs. I have both bowers backed up with nothing, including a couple decent hearts and a worthless nine of spades. Initial reaction… PICK IT UP! I have the two best cards!

But wait… no one else will say pick it clubs. I’ve got both black Jacks. If I say “pick it up”, making it clubs, my wife gets an extra trump to spoil my hand. But wait… Should I pass? Then wait patiently for the choice to come back to me. Being left of the dealer, I’ll have first choice at setting trump, I can make it SPADES! It’s a sure thing giving me both bowers and a nine kicker, all in spades!

I pass. It comes back to me, just as planned. Barely able to hide
my poker face (or should I say Euchre face), I say “Spades”. I come out guns a blazing with both bowers, the lesser one first for suspense, clearing out all the trump. winning the hand, handily.

2 thoughts on “Amazing Euchre Hand

  1. No, not much Euchre blogging time. My partner and I did win our last Euchre party.

    Would you agree it was an amazing hand?

    Nice mask by the way. Do you get to wear that when you go alone? I think you might have to.

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