Wrestle Legacy C and C++ into a Test Harness – Linker Errors

Getting started with TDD in C and C++ is challenging. On top of that, you have your whole product’s code base to start adding tests to. You don’t have time to stop all development and add tests to your code, so you need a pragmatic approach. As you drag your legacy code, kicking and screaming into a test harness, take your time and solve one problem at a time. It is the fast way.

This article is about getting past a boat-load of C and C++ linker errors. I’ve got a method and a tool to help get through that challenging step. You can find the tool, gen-xfakes, here on my GitHub account.

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Responsibilities of the Test-Driven Developer in a Legacy Code Base

This is a follow-up question from an attendee of a recent TDD for Embedded C++ training course.

What exactly is a person’s responsibility for unit testing when they go into existing untested code?

Like all good questions in software development, the answer is “it depends”.

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