Speak to me Vikki

My friend Bas introduced me to Vikki, the computerized text-to-speach voice on my Mac. I had met her once before but thought, what good is she? I don’t need text-to-speech.

Vikki is becoming a very valuable companion helping me to write my book on TDD for Embedded C. Like many writers I have heard from, I find it very difficult to find problems with what I have just written. Jeff Langr suggested reading out-loud as part of the proof reading process. That helped a lot. But I often still read what was in my head rather than what was on the page.

With Vikki by my side, I can select a paragraph and have her read to me. She sounds a little like a Scandinavian that has had a few, but she actually reads what is there on the page. I even have discovered
I can edit out the problems as she is reading.

Thanks Bas. Thanks Jeff. Thanks Vikki.